Steil Family History

From Neuerburg, Germany to Detroit, Michigan


Children of John Peter Steil:
Mary Anna Steil



Mary Anna Steil, also known as Anna Maria, was born to John Peter Steil and Anna Ruhl in Neuerburg, Germany on September 20, 1872.   At her baptism, her Godparents were listed as Nicholas Stadern and Maria Marland (married name Steil).

Mary Anna immigrated to Detroit with her parents and three siblings in 1884.  Mary Anna lived with her family at 874 Mt. Elliott, which was near the intersection of Mack Avenue.  William Stephan owned a confectionery store nearby, located at 177 Mack Avenue.  William married his first wife, Helena Schultz, in 1888.  They had two children before Helena died of typhoid fever in 1892.  The Stephan family lived in a flat in the same building as the store.

Sometime in the late 1880s, Mary Anna Steil was working for William Stephan as a "domestic."  William's brother, Henry, also owned the confectionery story which was known as Stephan Brothers.  The store was located one block from Henry Ford's Mack Avenue Plant.  Helen Flogaus, daughter of Mary Anna and William, recalled that Henry Ford, who may have been a customer at the Stephan Brothers store, asked William to invest in the Ford Motor Company, but Henry decided not to do so.

Mary Anna married William John Stephan in Detroit on July 24, 1897.  They had nine children, all of whom were born in Detroit: Henry William (1897) Cathryn Ella (1899), Edwin William (1901), Helen Frances (1903), William John (1907), Geoerge Alexander (1908), Marian Florence (1910), Arthur Carl (1912), and Raymond Walter (1919).

The 1900 census shows Mary Anna and William and four children living at 594 Mack Avenue at the corner of Mt. Elliott.  Living with them was William's brother Henry and his niece Gusta.  The 1910 census showed them living at the same address with seven children.  William was a grocer and his son Oswald worked at the grocery store.  The 1920 census showed Mary Anna and William and nine children living at 519 Mack Avenue.  The 1930 census showed them living in Traverse City with two children.  William's occupation was listed as a farmer.  For a photo of William and Mary Anna in 1939, click here.

Mary Anna died in 1948 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Traverse City, Michigan.  To read her obituary, click here.

For a 17-page historical report on the Stephan branch of the Mary Anna Steil family, click here.  For the descendant chart of Mary Anna Steil and William John Stephan, click here.  For the ancestor chart of Mary Anna Steil, click here.



Mary Anna Steil


William John Stephan


Mary Anna Steil in 1890