Steil Family History

From Neuerburg, Germany to Detroit, Michigan


Children of John Peter Steil:
Elizabeth Steil



Elizabeth Steil was born in Neuerburg, Germany on February 2, 1871.   At her baptism, her Godparents were listed as Valentinus Steil (probably her paternal uncle) and Elizabetha Ruhl (probably her maternal aunt).

She immigrated to Detroit with her parents and several siblings in 1884.  In the mid-1890s, Elizabeth lived with her brothers Valentine and George at 874 Mt. Elliott in Detroit.

Elizabeth died in Detroit in 1899.  Her death certificate indicates that she was living at the home on Mt. Elliott at the time she died and that her intended place of burial was German Lutheran (now Trinity Cemetery) where he father was buried in 1891 and her brother Valentine would be buried in 1919 and her brother John Nicholas in 1924.