Steil Family History

From Neuerburg, Germany to Detroit, Michigan


Spouse of John Peter Steil:
Anna Ruhl


Anna Ruhl was born in Neuerburg, Germany, on February 22, 1835.  Her parents were Gregorious Ruhl and Catharine Roderig.

She was baptized on February 23, 1835.  Her Godparents were Antonia J. Cohn and Anna Binsfield.

A Catholic Church marriage record states that Anna married John Peter Steil on May 15, 1858, in Neuerburg, Germany.  Joannes Schritz was the chaplain who officiated.  A record from the Ancestry World Tree Project noted that "Grand daughter Helen Flogaus had a copy of the John Peter Steil/Anna Ruhl wedding picture which gave the birth and death years on the back."

Ancestry records show that Anna and John had seven children, all of whom were born in Neuerburg: George Peter (1859), Eva (1860), Valentine (1862), John Nicholas (1863), Katherine (1867), Elizabeth (1871), and Anna Maria (1872).

Anna's son George was the first to immigrate to Detroit from Germany (1880) followed by her son Valentine (1882).  The passenger list from the SS Westerland showed that Anna and her husband John and four children arrived in New York on April 30, 1884.  Eva was not listed as a being on board the ship.  The family settled in Detroit.  The Detroit City Directories for 1888, 1889, 1890, and 1891 show the family living at ed at 874 Mt. Elliott.

Anna died in 1889 in Detroit.  Where she was buried is currently unknown.  John died in 1891.  After the deaths of Anna and John, it appears that some of the sons continued to live at the home on Mt. Elliott for a few years.  Eventually records from the city directory suggest that George moved to a house on Canton Street, while Valentine continued to live at the Mt. Elliott home.